Saturday, July 21, 2012

Soapy Sales

Today was a big soaping day. I poured 86 oz of Brownsugar Honeymoo while my bread was baking, then made 130 oz slab of a new soap called...are you ready for this? ...Monkeyfarts. It has a great fragrance of bananas and pineapple and tropical fruits. I just can't improve on the name. I did some little  'imbeds' in the slab for fun so we will see how that turns out tomorrow when I cut.

Lots of soap is curing but I do have plenty cured out and ready.

In inventory and ready to ship are:

Lavender-silky and wonderful
G-OatmealMilkNHoney-Natural goatmilk, honey and oatmeal soap

BlackRaspberryVanilla- smells very, very, very good!

Bay Rum-2 color whipped top swirl with spicey scent of bay rum
KiwiLemongrass-2layer soap with kiwilemongrass fragrance

Tangerine Swirl-two color swirl with light fragrance of tangerine

"This Sud's for You"  beer soap, natural fragrance of cocoa swirl

"Fiesta" 3 color layer soap with CoconutLimeVerbana fragrance

"Buttermilk Honeymoo" creamy goatmilk soap with Almond fragrance

"Honeymoo" unscented goatmilk soap with added honey and apricot kernel oil.
One of our most popular soaps, very creamy and conditioning

Individual soaps are $5 each or 3 for $12 plus shipping

For more information and to order,  email me


Friday, July 20, 2012

Doubly Delightful


Luxury soaps do more than just clean and condition your skin.
Their fragrance calms the mind and their appearance entices the eye.

Handmade Artisan Soap is always a welcome gift, appropriate and appreciated at birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, holidays, thank you gifts, get well gifts, or just a gift to yourself.

Why not pamper someone today with some pretty, creamy, luxurious soap?

For a list of available soaps and to purchase, email me at

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The spring and summer soaps  are ready to come off the racks and into your bath.

Real soap has so much to offer. It's an inexpensive luxury that will truly benefit your skin.
All soap, homemade or commercial, is made by combining lye with fats and/or oils, and as a result of that combination it contains natural glycerin which is a humectant, drawing moisture from the air. It is removed from commercial soaps to be used in more expensive beauty products, leaving the product  more of a detergent, which cleanses, but also strips the natural oil from skin and hair.

Quality Artisan soap will give you a much different result.
Customers have reported that using RanchRustics soaps has solved their 'flaky skin' problems.
IT's a great way to get clean, while enjoying both the smooth, creamy, skin-pampering lather,  and enjoying the benefits of a variety of Essential and Fragrance Oils. 
For more sensitive skin or those who prefer no fragrance, we also have unscented soaps.

Each type of oil brings a different property to the soap. 
Ranch Rustics has balanced formulas that bring
skin conditioning and hydration, creamy lather, bubbles and cleansing.

Some of the oils used in our soaps are:
Apricot Kernel Oil-great for sundamaged or mature skin, helps maintain elasticity
Castor Oil- highly emollient and great suds
Cocoa Butter- skin conditioning, makes for a hard soap
Coconut Oil- Natural anti bacterial, anti fungal, very cleansing, with lots of suds
Olive Oil-High in both Vit E and Oleic acid it is very nourishing to skin. Castille soap is 100% Olive oil
Tallow or Lard-makes a gentle, long lasting bar
Vegetable shortening (ie:Crisco) good conditioning. [Was actually designed to be used in soaping and candlemaking, was never intended for food! That's a little FYI for you.]

Other additives bring even more benefits to the soaps, such as 
Honey- a humectant, drawing moisture from the air to keep your skin hydrated
Oatmeal-anti inflammatory, gentle exfoliator, helps to soothe dry, itchy skin, great for acne and eczema
Calendula-anti inflammatory, promotes tissue regeneration, used in many skin products
Nettle-astringent, good for acne, dandruff, and medicinal uses
Beer-great for coating hair and tightening hair shaft, adds shine, great for dry or thin hair

Now that you know a little bit about what we can do with soap, here is what I currently have available.

Butternilk Almond HoneyMoo (Goatmilk)

A luscious, creamy, skin pampering soap
with added
Goatmilk, and Apricot Kernel Oil
Natural color, Almond fragrance

Three colored layered soap, silky, bubbly, lots of lather
 with the fragrance of
 Coconut Lime Verbena

This Suds for You
beer soap
Fantastic body and shampoo bar with
Beer for shine and added cocoa butter for natural detangler.
Natural cocoa fragrance

Unscented HoneyMoo

Goat or Cows milk, with added Apricot Kernel Oil, and Honey 
Outstanding for dry, aging or sensitive skin. My top seller

Not pictured, but cured and ready to sell are:



Lemongrass (very strong fragrance)

Soaps are $5 ea
3 for $12
plus shipping
 to purchase, email me at