Saturday, July 21, 2012

Soapy Sales

Today was a big soaping day. I poured 86 oz of Brownsugar Honeymoo while my bread was baking, then made 130 oz slab of a new soap called...are you ready for this? ...Monkeyfarts. It has a great fragrance of bananas and pineapple and tropical fruits. I just can't improve on the name. I did some little  'imbeds' in the slab for fun so we will see how that turns out tomorrow when I cut.

Lots of soap is curing but I do have plenty cured out and ready.

In inventory and ready to ship are:

Lavender-silky and wonderful
G-OatmealMilkNHoney-Natural goatmilk, honey and oatmeal soap

BlackRaspberryVanilla- smells very, very, very good!

Bay Rum-2 color whipped top swirl with spicey scent of bay rum
KiwiLemongrass-2layer soap with kiwilemongrass fragrance

Tangerine Swirl-two color swirl with light fragrance of tangerine

"This Sud's for You"  beer soap, natural fragrance of cocoa swirl

"Fiesta" 3 color layer soap with CoconutLimeVerbana fragrance

"Buttermilk Honeymoo" creamy goatmilk soap with Almond fragrance

"Honeymoo" unscented goatmilk soap with added honey and apricot kernel oil.
One of our most popular soaps, very creamy and conditioning

Individual soaps are $5 each or 3 for $12 plus shipping

For more information and to order,  email me